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Keeps locking me out

(Topic created on: 24-09-2020 03:09 PM)
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Have had this tablet a while, overall its ok, nothing special but I will say the sound is awful. Not a patch on the old Hudl2 I used to use.

Just recently it has started to lock me out while I'm using it. The lock screen comes up, i put pin in, it says its wrong and locks device for 30 seconds. I try again, same thing happens. This cycle repeats until I do a forced power off. Sometimes just once, gets it working again, sometimes its taken three attempts. It of course dumps anything that you were doing when it does this.

The only advice they can offer is to keep doing this, or do a factory reset, with the hope, that this fixes it, but they can't guarantee. How is this any sort of useful permanent fix to a problem they are aware of.

They can offer nothing more than remote access should it completely fail to unlock, something I don't and won't using, so that is of no use.

I have also experienced my keyboard showing upper and lower case letters on the keys at the same time. It doesn't function when this happens, you have to completely close the app you are using. It can happen at anytime, not just from start up.

I keep my tablet updated.

Apparently you can't get a fix, without providing samsung with permission to access your life and trawl your data, which of course means they get to retain it and sell it on. Strange as I didn't see any notification of this when I handed my money over. 


@Cheesedoff: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. Please can you confirm your tablet's model number and current Android version? In the meantime, if you head to Settings > Lock Screen > Screen Lock Type > Enter your PIN, then change your current PIN, does the issue still occur?