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Issues with Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

(Topic created on: 20-04-2021 04:40 PM)

I've recently bought the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 ( SM-T505) with Androidx10 , but was very dissapointed in many ways.

I will list them as follows.

1. That the adaptive screen adjustment seems not working ( or wrong calibrated). Because what's happening in direct sunlight is that the screen becomes pitch black, but strangly it works a bit better in cloudier conditions,and in normal room temperature. I also found the screen quite useless outside because of the reflections from the blank screen. Why isn't it possibel to have mate anti sun protection films( so caled spy shields/ sunprotection like in many sunglases)? I do not mean polaroid tech,just a UV filter. I also feel the high radiation of blue light. So why not have a anti blue filter as well?

So what I have to do is manualy to turn this feature off,and adjust it manualy.

2. That the flip function is very sensitive. It seems that the unit aut always will go back to a vertical position, but I perfer a horisontal position due to a larger keyboard. But this seems to be a standard from many mobile phones( smarphones). So why isn't it possibel to chang the standard to a vertical position instead? Or at least have the potion to choose.

So what I have to do is to manualy lock the screen at a horisontal position.

3. That the technogogy that interpertates many sweeping gesters over the screen like bananas. Because what I've noticed is many strange things, such as when I'm writing quite quickly over the screen that I will do someting else( conected to the swipe-right feature).

But the most and strange thing is that the unit seems uncompatibel with multilanguages. Because when I'm choosing other than the factory recomended for the country you bought it from the technology goes bananas. Because every time the unit itself changes the language aut to the next upcoming.

I would describe it as a phenomena like that if I have Firefox opend,and then suddenly the app constantly shuts down( goes back to home menu). Then the keyboard input lang is seted to the next upcoming i the list, and finaly be locked at an english keyboard.

So what I have to do is to manualy remove and set back to the recomended factory settings. For an ex.if I've bought it in Sweden I can either choose Swedish or English but Swedish. But what's more strange is if I change to English ( either UK or US) , it seems also that many apps change my position. So for an ex if I choose English (UK), I mosly will get search results linked in UK.

So what I have to do to stop this is to cover ower the front camera( It seems acording to my own personal experiences it has to to do with front camera). Because after that the unit is more stabel,but not so good,because of it sometimes also will shut down many apps either way, so it must be other features which is linked to the adaptive function. And that the technology seems a bit uncalibrated.

4. That the unit is uncompatibel  to multitask.

For an ex if I will stream a videoclip(or listen to music/pod) ,and at the same while will have a second tab opend,the tab with streamed content will pause.

The same thing will happend if I have more than One app opend.

So I found this quite annoying/ back to old times when computers where incompatibelt to handel more than one window at a time. Why isn't it possibel to update so I can have multi windows/ tabs( apps) opend? ( for an ex atleast 5 windows at the same time).

5.Lack of support to many comon apps/ features that is possibel today with Win 10( PC). Because what I've discoved is that when I will add an app that I've previosly used at a similar device( Smartphone Tab A7 series with Android 9), is rather incompatibel to my unit. Some apps just don't run ( crashes), some apps do it but goes bananas.

What is a reality ( fact) that the camera app is incompatibel to scan QR-codes. Strangly the feature in normal temp( indoors) is On, but when it comes to the reality it's impossibel ( OFF)/ outdoors.

But also that the camera app goes bananas either way, in particulary outdoors( cold contiotios). So what the use of making screens that is incompatibel to realistical conditions( like the ones we have in Sweden).

I would describe it as the app constantly changes to different modes. For an ex if I'm in Pro mode,the app sometimes ( when it's cold like 2-3 deg colder) it chanes to different mode ( not auto). So I have to manualy go back to Pro mode.

I also find it annoying that the resolution is low. Why develope high resolution cameras ( with 10+ milion pix), when it just gives an output res of 70ppi? I also found the optic quite slow( get disturbet at sharp sunlight)

Because with this low res it's impossibel to print the images,but also not so clear/ detailed pictures. I've also noticed that when I'm changing size and resolution it's impossibel to save them at a memory card.

So what I'm up to is why isn't it possibel to update so that I also can change resolution/ size as at regular cameras.

So for an ex. If I choose an 200 ASA resolution that the picture should be at a 200dpi res.  So my point is that if I change to a specific ASA it should also be the same but in ppi.            

Myself maybe a bit old school used to analogue photos, why not have output sizes of: 10×15,15×20,10×13,and to both A4 and A3

But what I've noticed is that there is no support to many e-mail web services, but strangly it works fine ( normal) with PC. So in my personal oppioion it's quite anoying that there is no support. I mysellf uses Protonmail,but found the same with other competitors.

I myself was in touch with Samsung with this issues,but they refused ( wouldn't listen), and said that this is normal. (Refused my complains to a guarantee repair). But this is not someting new for me,and I'm quite used to be refused. So acording to my own personal experiences the guarantee is more of a joke,and that many brands can't guarantee of what they are selling.

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I have the WiFi model of the Tab A7 SM-T500. I concur the automatic brightness is ***** so I turned it off. I've not tried the QR code function outside but it coped off my Dell Monitor and also grabbed the registration details needed off our new dishwasher in direct sunlight. We unpackaged it outside the kitchen in the back garden.
The cameras are fairly rubbish (a lot of noise) but I have a digital SLR so consider most tablets and smartphone cameras ***** in comparison. It's just about good enough for capturing text and QR though.
Yes the screen is very reflective but no worse than my last tablet from Acer.
It is possible to disable automatic rotation, drag down the quick panel from the top of the screen and you will see an icon for it there. Also another for a Blue Light filter.
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Really c**p is filtering?