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Horrors of Office on my Samsung Tab S7+

(Topic created on: 28-08-2020 03:58 PM)
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This is another post about this problem.


I have just received my new Tab S7+.  I moved all my files over from my previous Tab A.  However, when I try to open my documents, I can't stop Office launching and claiming the docs are read-only.  This was never the case on my Tab A.  I never use Microsoft Office, and I never want to.  I hate the fact that Office locks files like this.  Ideally, I would delete Office, but that is not apparently an option.  It has a disable option, but this does not prevent it launching at the merest hint of a document opening.  


This is driving me crazy.


I downloaded Google Docs, and this recognises those files that are already in my Google Drive, but weirdly, not on my tablet.  Some folders appear greyed out.  I have asked Samsung customer services for help and they suggested paying a subscription to Microsoft, which I will not do.  I am thinking of returning the tablet if I can't get this sorted, but would ideally love a solution.


Can anyone please help?

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How big was the screen size of your Galaxy Tab A?

I believe its still the case that MS Office is free on devices with a screen smaller that 10.1" but chargeable for a larger screen which of course would be the case with the 12.4" S7+