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Samsung Tab S8 Ultra VS Samsung Book2 Pro i5

(Topic created on: 16-12-2022 06:10 AM)
After writing the Samsung Book2 Pro i5 vs Book2 I5 15.6, i thought another dimension is laptop vs tablet.
SUMMARY - Simple since owning the Book2 and Book2 Pro, i never use the Tab S8 Ultra, laptop rules.
Samsung Tab S8 Ultra - £1200
The screen i amazing and embarrasses the Book2 Pro, making it look washed out. With the matching keyboard case it really gives a laptop feel, multi window offers a neat way to multi task, but alas jumping between windows when say using Office is cumbersome, but bearable. 
Battery life well i think the Book2 Pro wins never thought i would say that. The versatility to swap to a tablet is good but in practice the Tab S8 Ultra is a beast and tricky with small bezels, but even my old iPad Pro 12.9 was not a tablet for extended use. Major plus though is i call compliment my ZFold4 with calls, etc.. 
Using it for work with a profile is a MAJOR plus, as one click and i can turn off everything work related, with my laptop not so easy, ok so maybe use another user profile. This was my hat of the iPad Pro 12.9 yes it has focus modes but i prefer a simple ON/OFF.
The S pen, I have never ever even used the pen on this, ZFold3 or 4 or prior devices like the Note.
The keyboard case houses the pen and has a kick stand with lots of angle adjustment. Track pad once you master the single, double and treble finger gestures is super cool.



Regards, Obsydian

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