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Galaxy Tab S2 gets alarmingly hot and drains battery since software update

(Topic created on: 05-02-2018 07:19 AM)
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My Tab S2 gets very hot during normal usage. The hotspot is about two-thirds up, on the right hand side (when looking at the screen). The battery life has also shortened significantly, draining in half a day instead of the usual 3 to 4 days. When the battery gets under 20% it sometimes reboots itself. It never used to be like this - one day it was my favourite device and since then it's been disappointingly underperforming.


I assumed it was a battery problem on my unit when I stumbled on this following Samsung US thread 'Galaxy Tab S2 drains battery after recent update':


A number of users there have reported identical issues, apparently all starting around June 2017 when there was a system software update.


Following the advice, I have attempted a factory reset and tried Safe Mode. The issue persists. All my apps are up to date. I'm using 12.2GB of the available 32GB and charging with the undamaged supplied charger. I have cleared the cache partition ( The unit still gets extremely hot and the battery runs itself down.


Can anyone advise? Is there a possible fix? Is there a way to downgrade to a previous version?


Thanks in advance.


My device details:

Galaxy Tab S2
Model number: SM-T713

SM-T713NZDEBTU 2016 8" Wi-Fi

Android version 7
Kernel version 3.10.84-12212928
Mon Sep 4 16:00:16 KST 2017
Build number: NRD90M.T713XXU2BQI1
Android security patch level: 1 August 2017

Current software version: T713XXU2BQI1/T7130XA2BQI1/

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Usually a Factory Reset which youve carried out resolves such issues!


My advice is to take the tablet to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location can run a diagnostic on the device. 


If you do not have one local then contact Samsung to arrange to send it to them. 



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I've got exactly the same problem with my tab2. Only had it just over a year, bought it new, I'm so disappointed with it. Used to love my tab2, now i hate it. Battery drains faster than it charges, the screen has a hot spot near the volume/power buttons. Done a reset etc. So unless Samsung are going to do something about this, its going in the bin and I won't be buying another 😞