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Tab S8 Ultra Battery Drain

(Topic created on: 15-05-2024 11:03 PM)
Hello my Tab S8 Ultra 5G has a horrible battery drain on standby as you can see in last 24 hours no apps have been used yet battery is draning before this tablet I owned the Tab S6 4G that tablet could be left for 7 days and it would not lose 1% of battery over 7 day span as my Tab S8 ultra is losing 5-10% battery over night it will end up dying within a week this is not acceptable I'm on the latest firmware so I know it's not software and I don't wanna keep turning off for overnight I have flight mode enabled and its always connected to WI-FI I've got exactly the same settings I had on my Tab S6 4G I've tried factory reset that made no difference has anyone encountered same issue and do you have a fix ? I will try WiFi off tonight to see if it loses any battery thanks 


It sounds frustrating to experience such a drastic difference in battery performance between your Tab S6 and Tab S8 Ultra. Since you've already tried a factory reset and ensured your software is up to date, it could be a hardware issue. However, before jumping to conclusions, trying turning off Wi-Fi overnight as you mentioned could help identify if it's related to network activity. If the issue persists, contacting Samsung support or seeking assistance from online forums where other users might have experienced similar problems could provide more insight and potential solutions.
I wish I did it back than when I first got the tablet direct from Samsung I noticed the issue first week due to work and other issues I never got around to contacting Samsung and I'm out of warranty April 2022 I purchased it dam time flys

I'm going to use for few more months and trade it in for s9 ultra as I'm not sending it in I've sent phones before to Samsung they come back damaged they take no care I know they are busy they just wanna get the screen or battery replaced quickly but dents and stuff it's just not worth sending them in unless you know they will send you a mint phone back they don't the way they pry it open leaves dents on the frame screen gets scratched up as they remove the screen protector I've had few n
Bad experience with Samsung repair no more