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File Manager on Tab S 10.5

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet which I have had for some time now. In every respect I’m really pleased with it. I love it’s great screen display and all functions work well for me. Recently though it seems to have changed the way that one feature works and this is causing me some concern.

I regularly attach to the tablet via an adapter, either a USB stick or SD card taken from my digital camera. Using the “My Files” app I used to be easily able to copy or move images or other files from the stick or card to any folder on the tablet or the micro SD card stored in the tablet’s card slot. I used to be able to view the files on the card or stick, copy them, then select the destination folder and paste.

This ability seems to have been lost. I can still see the source files but the “My Files” display now only seems to show files in a sort of time line displaying firstly my most recent files viewed then scrolling down to earlier files. It seems to have lost the ability to simply display a list of all possible locations on the tablet/micro SD card where I might want to copy a file to.

I have previously installed another file manager app but this does not seem to let me move picture files from an externally attached memory card. I would like to know of an app that will allow me to look at and move around picture files from the externally attached memory card.

In passing I would mention that I also have a Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 tablet that also uses the “My Files” app and this has always worked in the normal way and has never caused me any concern.

I hope that there will be somebody out there who can give me some guidance.


I'm not too sure if this will work and will solve your problem.


Go into My Files, just under where it says My Files there should be a little picture of a clock with Timeline next to it.

In the Folders section I've got 2 - Device Storage & SD card. Depending on which one you want tab it and then tap the clock on the Timeline section. That should either change your lists from date time to a plain list or vice versa.


If that is not what you are after let me know and I'll have another look.




Hello Olive

Thanks for your reply. I have looked at My Files but I don't see the clock you refer to. As soon as I go to My Files it just shows all my pictures or other files sorted in just date order. I can select any file and click to move or copy it but it still then just shows me the original time line and doesn't give me the opportunity to select a location where I might want to move/copy it to.

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I have similar problems with a Tab A and various File Manager apps. It looks to me as if your My Files has got damaged in which case it might be worth reinstalling it. And / or try (yet) another from among the many on Play Store. Two which I can recommend are ES File Manager, very comprehensive and may take a while to master it. Just recently I have been getting good results with Solid Explorer, fairly simple and in particular it has the Two Panel feature along with Drag and Drop (which I am used to in Windows). You display your source folders in the left panel (which can include external drives) and simply drag the file you want to move / copy to the destination panel on the left (again, including external drives). It is reassuring to watch in real time the target file visibly move across to the new destination.
I am a novice, especially with Android, but I hope this helps.
Oops, a mistake. That should have been 'drag and drop to the RIGHT panel' not the left.

Thanks for information. I will try one of the apps you mention.

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