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Can't stop Cloud notifications

(Topic created on: 21-06-2023 11:28 PM)
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I recently got a Tab A 9.7 (SM-T580) and now every time I turn it on, I get the "your music and documents will be deleted 7/2/23" notification. I've already done the following:

1) Downloaded my music, docs, etc. 

2) Set ALL Samsung Cloud notifications to silent & low priority - no sound or visual interruption. 

Yet the notification still pops up since I can't turn it off totally. This pops up several times until I tap on it to open Samsung Cloud only to be taken to the restore data section. I DO NOT want to restore data since I already restored/backed up my data via Smart Switch. I want to get that annoying nag to go away. It's having me seriously thinking of looking for another brand of android tablet and phone. It's disappointing since I've used Samsung tablets and phones for years now and never had any issues with them until now.