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Android 10 Issue - Running out of memory on Tab SM-510 - after updating OS to Android 10

(Topic created on: 08-11-2020 03:04 PM)
First Poster

The tablet was running quite happily on Andriod 9 (Pie) for almost a year.  An update was initiated by Samsung to Android 10 and since then I have run out of memory (32Gb + 64Gb SD card) around every 2 months of use.  This time I managed to keep an eye on the memory of the device.  Yesterday it said I had used 31.5Gb so I looked to see where the memory was being used.  A jigsaw app was using over 13Gb of memory, I deleted the cache and data related to the app then uninstalled the app it still said I had used 31.5Gb of memory used.  After restarting I thought I had managed to resolve as the memory had increased. This morning the tablet failed to start up and I had to factory reset - (AGAIN).

My wife runs the same app on her tablet (same as mine) which she has not (and will not) been upgraded to Android 10.  Looking at her tablet there is just over 2GB of memory associated with this app.

Can anyone shed some light on the issue and possible resolution - I feel that the tablet is allocating memory to the app and either the app is not releasing the memory when no longer required and or the tablet is not taking it back.  What is not clear is if its the app or OS where the issue lies.