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A7 Lite Chrome resize issue

(Topic created on: 12-04-2022 10:49 PM)
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Later: Problem was solved by activating Developer options, and of all things, changing "Minimum width", under the section named "Drawing". Default was 600, we changed to 725.


Hi, Client is trying to use Chrome on Samsung A7 Lite for their internal PHP site and one of the tables, inventory data, comes up too wide and there is no way to scroll all the way to the left. Interestingly we can drag to see the right side of the table, but not the left. We've tried settings like font size, zoom, accessibility/scaling but no joy.

The screen is 1300x800 which is only 20 pixels narrower than the Chromebooks they use to access the same pages. On the CB, the tables fit the screen just fine with room to spare on each side. In either orientation it is impossible to see the entire table. If they could scroll to each side they'd live with it but it will not - the left side of the tablet is out of range, so to speak.

One thing weird is when I turn the tablet to portrait mode I can see a "zoom-out" effect, ie., of size of the entire page is reduced, and I'm talking about the URL bar and things outside of the content area. When I turn it back to landscape everything gets large again. 


Any ideas?