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Post your ideas here to help improve the One UI user experience and existing features!

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Ui suggestions


1.Please enable call recording in all devices so that I don't have to install a third party app to record calls

2. The layout of samsung Arabic keyboard is so frustrating, there are so many digits everywhere. Please keep it more simple and neat design like ios Arabic keyboard

3. Please enable control centre pannel instead of having everything in the notification centre

4. Please enable dynamic islands

5. I need to disable some apps form accessing my cellular data and wifi, why can't I do that like other android devices?

6.please make the design of ui more simer because right now it's too texty (for example I don't need to see "close all" text when closing background apps, a trash icon would be sufficient and I don't need to see "remove" when closing apps in pop up view because a trash ivon again would be sufficient)

7. Please bring back lockscreen widgets

8.please enable samsung pay in Bahrain

9. Why can't I drag edge panel from anywhere along the side bar? I would suggest long drag of side bar anywhere to open the edge panel

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Dynamic islands??😂