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Post your ideas here to help improve the One UI user experience and existing features!

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S23 Ultra Improvements


Hi there first off thank you for making such wonderful phones. I used to years ago use your note 2 and have recently decided to get back into the world with buying the S 23 Ultra. It's a great phone just figured I'd make a suggestion or two to make it perfect. 

- Bring back green flashing notification light

- S-pen needs to be thicker and more comfortable like note 2 pen

- Get rid of curved screen bring back glass so that the pen is comfortable to draw and glide with on the screen for art.

- Come up with more innovative art software for drawing and pictures, keep the current stuff but add more features. Like why is there no tool to draw a straight line on a photo?

- I don't mind the phone weighing more if I get a bigger battery

- Shorten the phone slightly to make it easier to fit in pocket or invente a great case that attaches to your belt.

- When you swip down you have all those different items you can use ex. Screen recorder make all of these available as apps so that they can be placed on the screen.

- Add video editing software that helps people who make YouTube videos compose them, add music to them, splice them with other videos

- I know Apple on some of there devices have a magnetic charge cable that snaps on and off. I think that's a cool idea because if your charging cable ever bends the wrong way it just snaps off with out breaking the phone of cable.

- The phone does get hot going out into the sun I'm not sure how you can improve upon it, I'm not sure if that's because of the plastic screen or if it's just all of the tech. I will always take a bigger battery over this concern but it is something to consider with the material being used for the exterior of the phone.

- I do believe people like gimmicks to a degree so be creative. I loved some of the ideas some of the cat phones had with Lazer range finders and cool stuff. Or look at razor doing an old school flip phone option on there modern-day flip phone. We might not always use these features but we love to brag.

- I'm a suckered for the old school brick phones because of the vibration tech and how you could really feel the vibration and how you could make the volume so loud you could clearly hear what someone was saying while you were driving with all the windows wide open.

- I have to congratulate you guys your camera's truly are a thing of beauty and to be admired 

- Oh I am against having a finger print sensor but I understand that people do want them just something to consider too


-Thank you guys for your hard work and innovation samsung truly is a remarkable company and your hard shows in your products keep up the great work and I hope some of my tips helped. I don't know if my age helps with this review but I am 31 years old. If you have any questions feel free to get a hold of me threw my email.