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Smart plug needs a hub

(Topic created on: 01-06-2022 10:37 PM)
Brian Smith
First Poster

I'm new to Samsung.
I have been planning to buy a Samsung television soon but I'm having second thoughts.
Two days ago, I bought a Samsung smart plug online with energy monitoring (from Samsung).

Here's the problem:
I have smart bulbs and smart plugs from TP-Link (KASA) but it seems KASA is being dropped. I also have smart bulbs from G-Homa and Phillips Hue. They all work fine and are connected to their phone apps and to Google Home. Two of the plugs are energy monitoring and I want to do more of this, given the price increase of electricity.

Yesterday, I downloaded the SmartThings app and connected it to all my accounts. Today, Google cannot connect to the Hue hub.

Today, the smart plug arrived ... and it tells me that it needs a hub. It didn't say that on the website. It just let me buy a smart plug. I'm not against hubs - the Hue system uses one. But do I want to commit to another ZigBee system. Wouldn't I be better buying more standalone smart plugs?

Online chat is totally useless and the support line closed at 10pm.

Can anyone persuade me that Samsung is worth staying with or shall I just return the smart plug, not buy the television, and forget I ever looked into Samsung?

I would seriously appreciate any opinions and/or help.

Many thanks,

Brian Smith

Stamford, UK

#smart plug #7A-PL-Z-J3