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need welcome code for v2 hub

(Topic created on: 17-01-2021 12:33 AM)
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i just bought a secondhand v2 smartthings hub

but dont have the welcome code 

have been trying for days to live chat samsung and emailed several times but no reply.

hoping someone can help.




@Members_Fkc7hfJ: I recommend reaching out to our dedicated SmartThings Support Team via the link below, where an advisor will be able to look into this for you.

First Poster

 have a couple of times 

all i get is 

Thank you for your SmartThings query.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team is currently operating at a reduced capacity. This means it’s taking us longer than usual to assist you with your query. We’ll be able to respond to your query sooner if you are willing to directly share your contact details and authorise a direct reply from our team.

If you agree to being contacted directly, please respond to this email confirming the below details:

• The registered email address of the Samsung account you use with SmartThings.
• That you grant us permission to access your account in order to resolve your query.*

If our team requires any further details to help resolve your ticket sooner, they may wish to contact you via telephone. If you’re happy with this method of contact, please also provide a telephone number in your response.

There’s a wealth of information available via the Samsung SmartThings page ( which might help resolve your issue sooner; just scroll down to the Support section (if you’re accessing via a mobile device, swipe right to see all support options) to access the SmartThings Community or our instructional videos. You can also find out more about which non Samsung devices work with SmartThings and learn about our latest features on this page.

If you’re new to SmartThings, you can access Virtual Home within the SmartThings App where you can try out key features and simulate the control of devices - without having to own them. To access Virtual Home, select the in app menu (≡) then ‘How to use’ and click the top banner.

*For more information about how we use your personal information, you can find our Privacy Policy at This may include using your personal data to provide support-related updates and assess and improve the way we support our customers, including carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.

Warm regards,

The SmartThings Team


have replied with email etc but nothing.