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Samsung Trade In

(Topic created on: 09-05-2023 07:51 PM)
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I'm looking at purchasing the S23 Ultra and trading in my current S21. However, I have read some horror stories about the trade in service and I'm wondering what other people's experience have been. My S21 is in good condition but it does have some small scuffs/scratches from general wear and tear. 

Should I stay clear?


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Hi @Vine94 

Be 100% accurate with your answers on the Trade In page.

Look at the faqs page for Trade In's. 

Then before sending the phone take time and date stamped photo's of the phone with one of the phone turned On and one of the water indicator normally found inside the sim card tray.

They'll assess the phone when they recieve the it and then contact you to confirm what they find to confirm the appraisal. 

I've traded in a phone with Samsung before but the difference is this was in a Samsung Experience Store while I stood and watched.

Make sure you send it in within the criteria timeframe set or Samsung may block the new phone.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

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@BandOfBrothers is perfectly correct
I have traded in phones with Samsung online lots of times and not had any issues
You do get a certain amount of time to send in your traded in phone.
But try and send it in as soon as possible. You can get delays in postage.
Another thing that quite a few people do is order. Then go away on holiday etc.
Any delay in sending the old phone in will cause problems. It's not Samsung that get the phone, it's a third party company that deals with trade in phones

Again as @BandOfBrothers has said. Take plenty of pictures of the old phone. Good quality time stamped photos as well.
I take photos of the packaging and the postage labels.
I always pay extra for the postage so the package has to be signed for.

Seems a lot to do, but if anything should go wrong. You can cover yourself.

As I said. I personally never had any issues with any of my trade in phones.
I even traded in a Korean import Samsung phone. I was honest with all the answers and it was accepted.

If you do go for the S23 Ultra. You will love it. I have the phone and it's the best Samsung phone to date in my eyes
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I've never had an issue , all went smoothly ?
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The boys have said it all really, I haven't had any issues either

But as Glen said I took loads of pictures with new phone and paid for signature and guaranteed delivery
Only issue I had with mine was tge prepaid label wasn't recognised by the post office.
Paid to send it Special delivery.
Apart from that, everything was ok
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Not had any problem with Samsung Trade in either but must ensure that timelines are adhered to with MTR Group.  I know some customers  have had issues  but as been mentioned if you have photographic evidence of the condition should have protection.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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I never had any issues with Samsung trade in.
Literally I trade in everything let say in every 1.5 years. Upgrade watch, buds, phones. My girlfriend also no issues.
My trade in went smoothly but the company who managed the trade in deducted £75 from the trade in price said they found screen burn on my S20 which was less than 1 year old which I was very suspicious of but I went ahead anyway as I had already set up the new phone so just be aware that the trade in offer is subject to this third party company who check the phones that get traded in