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Samsung Scammed Me (Bait and Switch sales tactic)

(Topic created on: 19-08-2022 10:15 PM)
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I am writing this email to express my distress in Samsung USA.

I have been offered privately by a Sales Agent that would offer extra $400 rebate after I place an order for S22 Ultra. I have two other employee also confirms the $400 rebate that I would be receiving. However, after my order was shipped, I was told that they cannot do it anymore (basically saying that congrats, you are screwed).

 The person I have chatted with that denied my request is Mohd Misbahuddin Sohail. 

My order is for a Galaxy S22 Ultra  Green 256 GB with trade in of a #Galaxy S21  Grey  128 G

It seems like Samsung does not honor their loyal customer anymore, whenever I want to resolve with this supervisor, it feels like taking to a brick wall.

I will be returning my S22 Ultra do to this bait and switch sales tactic and unpleasant and inconvenient experience that I have had with Samsung USA.

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You would be better off contacting the community in the US

I'm sure they would be in a better position to assist you