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(Topic created on: 22-02-2022 08:40 PM)
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I have been on a nightmare roller-coaster with Samsung trying to get a refund for over 5 weeks. Samsung customer service it seems is run by Inept Automated Troglodytes. I ordered a 50”OLED TV on 6th January, TV arrived on 11th January. I unboxed and setup the TV expecting to be blown away by 4K Crystal UHD Motion Xcelerator Turbo, Virtual 3D sound. But sadly my expectations were crushed by the poor picture and sound quality. All that overly exaggerated hype from Samsung resulted in bitter disappointment. I like movies to look like movies, not the news or soap opera. So to be fair and not jump to any snap judgements. I setup my old Samsung TV side by side for a true comparison, I played the exact same movies on Netflix and Prime Video simultaneously and the old TV was a clear winner hands down. New TV was like a pig with a silk hat. I spent the duration of the day testing the TV for movies and gaming on various setting. By the end of the day decision to send the TV back was made, so I contacted Samsung to explain I was truly disappointed with my purchase and I would like to return the TV and get a full refund. After the agent failed to convince me to keep the TV, she finally agreed to have the TV collected by Samsung’s chosen courier Panther Logistics. Collection date given, 14th January 2022. On the day of collection, would you Adam ‘n’ Eve it, a Del Boy double act turn up at my door questioning me “why I am returning the TV”? I saw no reason what difference it would make to courier my reason for returning an item, reluctantly I explained the item was not as expected. Then they asked is it broken or anything, I said “no just didn’t like it”. I sensed a little something off about the characters standing at my door. They wanted to rush off with the TV, but I stopped them to quickly take a picture of the return label for proof. Little did I know that this picture will play a very important role after a month long of online chats and phone calls to Samsung? So I hopped on the merry go round of hours wasted on automated answers from customer service agents:

  • It can take up to 14 days for the TV to arrive at our warehouse from the courier, and then it will take 7-10 days for the refund to be processed.
  • Please wait 3-5 working days for us to get back to you.
  • We have marked you case as urgent.
  • We cannot locate your return.
  • We are waiting for the warehouse team to respond.

So after 5 weeks of life draining phone calls and live chat amounting to zero resolve. I receive an email asking me the following;

 “Please provide the serial number of the TV you sent back, as the one we have received is an old TV with no serial number. So we cannot issue a refund until we get the original TV back”.

I was shocked and totally stressed out, on the verge of losing it. You may expect this sort of behaviour from a small backstreet outfit, but not from an established brand such as Samsung. It seems they have just flat slammed the door on my face. So I request photographic evidence of the TV and packaging, no answer. All out FRUSTRATION…AAHHHH!!!

Now I decided to investigate myself, remember the picture of the return label. Yes I looked very carefully at that very picture only to discover that the label was not addressed back to Samsung’s warehouse in Nonrthants NN8 6BS but instead to Sevenoaks TN15 6QW. So I wanted to forward this photographic evidence to Samsung chat, only to encounter customer service Agent Andy. Who made me wish I was dealing with an actual robot. I explained my findings to Agent Andy and asked him a simple question; “Andy can you please tell me the address on my Return to Samsung Label?”

Agent Andy just did not understand my question and kept giving me scripted answers; we are dealing with your request, your matter is marked urgent and we will contact you soon.

I repeatedly asked Agent Andy the same simple question; “Andy can you please tell me the address on my Return to Samsung Label?”

It took him 1 hour 40mins to understand my question. Finally he gave the address and said I will have to give you a new ticket number and send your info to the team already dealing with you case. I hope if you never have an issue with Samsung that you will not cross paths with Andy the agent, because if you do be warned keep all loaded weapons and sharp objects out of sight.


So as if I hadn’t taken a picture of the return label I quiet simply had no proof against Samsung. As far as Samsung is concerned I sent an old TV without serial number and until I send back the original TV I was not entitled to a refund.

Now I am waiting for the Samsung team to investigate… The Sue Gray report didn’t take this long.

21st February 2022 I called again to see if the information of wrong label I provided has been passed to the relevant team. Another hour on the phone with an agent who just simply did not understand the problem and just hung up.

Now I have decided to take my case to consumer ombudsman, as Samsung are refusing to communicate.

Customer service is paramount for any successful business, but unfortunately this concept is lost at Samsung UK.

I will never have any further business with Samsung!