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S22 upgrade program payment issues

(Topic created on: 14-06-2022 12:04 PM)

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to know if anyone here has faced this issue. This is the first time I`ve tried the upgrade program and was able to order one. For which Samsung did send me the order details and estimated date back in feb/mar. The payment method was with consors finance, because my old phone was also being payed with the same method. After a few days I got another mail telling me that my phone shipment will be delayed and etc, also fine.

Few more days passed and I started calling the customer care, they made me roam around, no one had any clue or most of them just said all the shipment are being delayed etc. After a few more days they asked me to raise a case through a portal which I did and now I found out that my payment had some issue and the order was never processed. There was no information from Samsung or from consors finance regarding this until I raise a case and push for an answer.

The worst part is, the online shop where I raised a case and all the customer care people have asked me to contact the guy assigned to that case dropped me one generic template mail way back in the march to wait it and now after 3 more months later, they say that there was something wrong with the payment process. 

If the payment process was itself a problem, why did Samsung give me the impression that my phone will be shipped. making it much worse why did they have to wait 4 months to tell me that ? 

So did anyone have a similar situation ?