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My Experience of purchasing S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 13-04-2022 06:23 PM)

Evening all,

I wanted to share my experience of buying a S22 Ultra from Samsung UK website.

I ordered a custom colour from the website on 10 February 2022. Originally, I went for 3 interest free payments with Klarna but that was declined do i paid it with my CC (less trsde in).

I am not sure why Klarna rejected me as i have excellent credit history. The only reason I can think of is that I was a victim of fraud a couple of years ago and now have passwords on my credit files. This means that when I apply for credit, I get call from the financial institution and they ask for 3 or 4 characters from my password. This means I don't get approved right away but i can wait a day or 2. For some reason, Klarna does not do it!

Anyway, did not hear from Samsung till beginning of March when the email said my phone is being customised. Did not get anything else till 09 March when got texts and email from DPD saying phone will be delivered on 10th of March. I did not stay at home and got the message later during the day that they will deliver it on 11th. Again, I did not stay at home and it was left in my outside cupboard! Samsung communication is non existent.

I have not had any issues with the phone and it works fine. That is not to say that others are not having problems.

I got my free buds pro in about 2 weeks after I went through the claim process and have had no issues activating Disney +.

I sent my trade in phone as per the instructions. I think it is shoddy that Samsung knew that they were offering me £470 for my Note 20 Ultra but their return package only covers £100 in value and I had to pay for special delivery to get £500 insurance cover.

The package was received by the MRT on 18 March.  Samsung terms say that they will revert to you within 10 days. I did not hear anything and was expecting them to say there was something wrong with the phone and ready to return the new phone and cancel the purchase.

Got an email today to say that order is complete.

After reading everything on this forum, I was expecting the worst and I am  surprised that everything went well albeit almost no updates.

Although there are people still waiting for their orders and others having issues with their handsets, I wanted to let other people know that it is not all doom and gloom and in my case I did not have any issues, despite expecting the worst. 

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Unfortunately my purchase of a custom colour was not great. Given a delivery date and that was missed
Got absolutely nothing from Samsung about the status or anything until the online tracker suddenly changed
Still took six weeks to arrive. Customer Support totally failed me on this order
But I have the phone and it's better than I expected and really enjoying my experience with it
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Thank you for sharing your customer journey @MAK136  👍

Personally I always choose the Black / Phantom Black to avoid the typical delays that can happen although the Graphite did catch my eye this year.

Enjoy.  😎

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Thank you for your experience.

Among the gloomy posts it is sometimes nice to hear a positive story.

I think generally technical forums end up being a very gloomy read... the main reason is everyone are going to make a complaint should it be necessary, but very few people put a post of their positive experiences.

I am sure that the majority of the hundreds of thousand users of the S22 ultra have no complaint... just a small percentage that have issues.

I have to say that samsung have not done a very good job these last two phones... the S22 this year has been quite a shambles... with promised dates being missed and people waiting a lot lot longer than they should.

Last years s21 release did not go unhitched either... although most of us got preorders on time... but software stability was not great for a few months.

I believe a lot of these issues are due to the world right now... it has been a tough couple of years...First covid...lockdown... and now supply chain issues.

I think Samsung have got a lot to prove for their next release... and concentrate on the customer service more.

Very glad you have had a positive experience.

- Smiley

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Unfortunately my purchase of burgundy phones from UK was exceedingly  awful. Delivery date was postpone three times until I canceled. Customer Support was useless. They lied to me and could not give any information at all.

I eventually got the phone from Amazon.