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Misled on S23 Ultra delivery

(Topic created on: 11-07-2023 09:43 PM)
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Ordered my S23 Ultra 512gb on the 27th of June to take advantage of the deal Samsung was offering and paid for a delivery date for the morning of 11th July. 

Have had no updates and still says my order is processing yesterday (10th) so I spoke to someone on the live chat who quickly sorted out my order and told me my order is processed and will be delivered on the 11th, which is the next day. Great!

Not great at all come the morning. Took time off work waiting for an sms/email until 11am when I finally received received an sms only ro be told that there will be a delay and my order won't be delivered until the 25th!

I do not mind waiting a month for my phone if I am told it will be a month wait. Its unbelievable a company of this size cannot even get your stocks system working correctly. 

So I have lost a days work today and still have to wait a further 2 weeks, I hope I don't lose another's days work for the next delivery!



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Hi @Members_f6KPOKp 

I appreciate how disappointed you must be with the delay of your new phone. 😕 

I think we all understand and accept that occasionally things can go wrong, but then it's vital with what happens next to put it right that instills confidence back into the company and product. 

Communication is key.

Do please check any Spam email folders just incase any communication has dropped into there.

I see from your first attached screenshot image that you have chosen an online exclusive colour of the Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra phone _ unfortunately sometimes these can come with delivery delays. 

I assume the chat agent didn't have full line of sight for the delivery scheduling.

Obviously I'm not aware if your place of work allows personal deliveries for employees.

When I order from I choose to have the items delivered to my place of work and opt to pay for the before 10:30am delivery slot so I have the item before the company closes for the day.

That said Samsung won't be able to change the delivery date now. A person would have to cancel and start again which would mean any relevant promotional items would be lost.

I see your in the UK so you should receive  a text and email from Samsung and communication from DPD if the phone has been put into the delivery status.

DPD has an app that allows a person then to receive in time delivery notifications and allows tracking.

I would suggest to download this if you haven't thus far.

I hope you receive your phone soon. 🤞

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Have you received your phone? If so how long did you wait?