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Frustrating Shopping Experience - S20 FE 5G's Price dropped in Samsung website after i buy it recently

(Topic created on: 20-09-2022 08:37 AM)
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I got a S20 FE 5g last week for 30.5k after all the card & corporate offers. 

Today I have noticed that the same S20 FE 5g is on the sale for Rs.26000 after all the offers which is really disappointing me . this is really unfair .

and S21 FE is now @ Rs.30000 after all offers. 

What Samsung thinks about us? are we fools?

I understand others who are buying now will get at a good discounted price which is a good one, But what about me and my kind of persons who just bought it very recently.

@Samsung - Please take my phone back and give me a S21 FE for the same price as of today. or give me a voucher to compensate my loss.

else, This is a frustrating shopping experience and smartphone experience.



Prices for everything electrical we buy goes down at somepoint, that's just life. If your not happy with the price at the time you want to buy the phone then don't buy it and wait for it to be cheaper.

If it bothers you that much take it back and get a refund if that's possible and buy at the reduced price.
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That's the nature of a marketplace in a region @pethu 

Some people can also miss out on promotions due to criteria dates and or promotions being added after they've purchased etc.

If your within your cooling off period to request a refund taking into account what cooling off period system you have in your region you could effect a return then await a refund and then order again.

Also taking into account all the discounts you've already taken advantage of are still available.

This is all the things you'll need to consider.

Samsung won't send you the difference in cost because it's gone down in price.

They've not reduced the cost now just to uoset you.

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 


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