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Am I getting scammed by Samsung?

(Topic created on: 29-06-2022 03:28 AM)
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I recently purchased Samsung Flip with trade-in offer.

After receiving the phone I read some terrible feedback about Samsung's trade-in practice.

I decided not to keep the phone and wanted to start return process.

I logged into my account and it had "return" button. I clicked it and nothing happended. 

I thought there must be a problem with my browser or Samsung system so I left to try again next day.

I tried again in a few different devices and browsers and button was still not working. I had already wasted a few days trying to get this return started using this button.


After few days, I started a chat with an agent and informed him that their system is broken and should fix it. He said he will manually request return and I should be able to return becasuse it was due to their system error.

After a few days later, Samsung agent replies back and says " strict 15-day return period" has passed and "I regret to inform you that your return request has been denied. "

How is it my fault that their system is broken. I feel like I am getting scammed by Samsung and their just blaming for their incompetence. 

I am planning to reach out to local news about my story and other who are getting taken advantage by trade-in.


What other action should I be taking as I feel this is not a good way to run a business and I will never support a business that does not care about customer who has been purchasing their product for over 30 years.

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I can only speak for what Samsung UK provide in regards to the cooling off period @KevinPark 

Here Samsung Uk provide 28 days to be able to return a phone for any reason and as long as it's returned in good condition.

They usually provide a Returns Label inside the in-transit box or one can be printed Off.

This is affixed to the parcel used to send the phone back. I just use the same in-transit box.

Then I either email the Samsung Online Shop Team or call them so they can arrange a courier to come and collect it.

I think there are drop off points too.

I've not used the Return Button you mention as I prefer direct contact.

So if your not in the UK then I'd suggest to have a look at your regions Samsung Term's and Conditions for the Returns Period timeframe , and it should also be shown on the Samsung Online Shop Site too.

It's upto the buyer to be aware of these stipulations I'm afraid.

If the Returns Button wasn't working for some reason then if you had asked here on the forum Iwould  have suggested  to abandon that route and contact them directly.

In regards to the Trade In  Programme to add balance you are only hearing of the issues raised by people who sign up to the forum to vent.

Your not hearing from people who have had no issues.

Some issues compiled of waiting for the Returns Pack and some people had phone's rejected due to the Traded In phone being assessed and didn't meet Samsungs criteria.

Some was user errors.

I think maybe you may have suffered from buyers remorse  ? 

The Cooling Off Periods are strictly adhered to so I'm not confident Samsung will change their stance on the advice they've given.

That said I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 


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