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S24 Promotion Claim Window

(Topic created on: 18-02-2024 08:46 PM)

Hey folks, apologies if this has already been discussed but...what happens if your pre-ordered S24 Ultra doesn't arrive by the deadline for the watch promo? I ordered through vodafone at the end of last month, and the maximum delivery estimate exceeds the window to claim the watch. With the length of delays when ordering direct from Samsung, I would guess that my chances of getting it on time are slim. Anyone experienced this situation with previous promos?

Big Cheese

Hi @Meerabum 

The claim for the watch must be done by the 29th of February, on pre-orders that were done by the 25th of January.

When did you pre-order you phone?

Which phone and storage did you order?

I assume that the phone will be delivered before the 29th if you pre-ordered before or on the 25th of January.

You can check the claim page

and the full terms and conditions.

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On the claim form there is usually a section that concerns when ordering an promotional item that has fallen outside of the claim period @Meerabum 

You can always contact Samsung via their Live Chat for official clarification too 😀 

If i can be of any further help please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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Thanks for the responses!

I'll maybe try the live chat, although the opinion of other users here is putting me off somewhat.😆

I pre-ordered the black 1TB on January 23rd. Vodafone's delivery estimate was 28-35 days from the order date, so there's a good chance that it will indeed not arrive by February 29th. It seems like there is a 'no responsibility' clause in the T&Cs that vaguely cover the situation, so I may just have to suck it up. Or cancel the order when it hits 29/2 and just not bother getting the phone, because by that point I'll also have missed the window for the purchase promo. Ah well.