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Cashback Boost claim rejected

(Topic created on: 13-05-2022 12:44 AM)

Hello Community,

I am having a problem with the Cashback Samsung Promotion

My son bought three products presented the claim, and it was approved.

I have done the same, and it has been rejected, indicating that I have reached the limits of claims per household for this promotion.

My son and I have very similar names and live on the same street but in a different house, so another household. I contacted Samsung to explain that I think they haven’t looked at it properly. The address is very similar, but the house number is entirely different.

They have answered me that they have checked it, and I have reached the maximum number because the claims are for me and any other member in the same household.

I have contacted them back, indicating that it is impossible because only my wife and I are in my house. We have made only one claim, the one they have rejected. Therefore, I have asked what another claim there is at my household, preventing mine from being accepted. I know there isn´t any, but if they still tell me which one, they are considering, I could argue it, as I am almost sure they are not looking at the house number between my son´s and mine. They have answered that they cannot provide me with that information due to GDPR.

Does anyone know how I could proceed? I only bought those products because of the £600 check back I was entitled to. The delay in getting it will generate problems for me, plus I am constantly losing writing and calling.

It is very frustrating. I cannot even return the items because the claim could only be submitted after the returning period was expired. I feel I have been the victim of fraud. And I don´t want to think it is the case as it is with Samsung. Still, I do not know what to do if all I am told is that it is denied because they said it. I cannot prove they are wrong because, by GDPR, they don´t have to justify their decision. Any advice, please?


Fir thank you very much for your answer.

It was 3 Samsung soundbars for my son, then 1 TV and two soundbars for me.

I understand what you said, and I could understand the concern from Samsung. However, I don´t think I am the only person who likes to have a soundbar with each TV. Especially with an excellent offer which makes it more affordable than a standard sound speaker for Music in the room. Moreover, Samsung term doesn´t forbid me to have as many several Samsung bars at my house.

Suppose they are concerned that I effectively have them at my house and my sons at his. Ok, I am happy to send pictures or even let someone from Samsung pass by and check it personally. But they are not giving me that option. They are directly rejecting it. So, I am now denied something to which I am entitled because of an assumption from their side? Is that fair or even legal?

 Any advice on how to get to them to unblock this?


I am going to try those options then. Thank you for the advice.