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Make a change.. iphone??

(Topic created on: 09-05-2022 10:28 PM)
I've always been with BlackBerry and my first dive into Android was the Huawei which I had for about a month and got rid of. Tried the iPhone 4s as that was the latest at the time and went back to my BlackBerry after a week, as I didn't like the way apple lacked multitasking. After BlackBerry went Android I went back to Android and this time with a Samsung S6. Then the S7, S8, S9, S20+ and now finally the S20Ultra (with a S21+ for work). I truly like the UI on Samsung and its been a great Android experience for me.

However, with the way Samsung is going (no headphone jack, no micro sd card) I thought I may aswell take a dive back into iphone, as they have changed over the years since I last used them. My new iPhone 13 (product red) 256GB is due to arrive tomorrow. I'm not sure I'll fully ditch the S20 Ultra yet for this.. BUT, I'll make it my daily driver as best I can and see what comes of this. 
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Samsung like other OEMs are going that way. But then Apple started the trend of removing things.
Headphone jack, fingerprint sensor, charger etc
Next will be the charging port.
So not sure of your logic.
Personally I think it's a backward step removing usefull things like the SD card.
I do use an iPhone as well. But it could never be my only phone.
I need more from my phones like split screen, picture in picture etc.
Even an always on display that the iPhone doesn't have.
I hear you... my point was that the neich what got me hooked onto Samsung as opposed to another Android device has slipped.

I am reluctant to make a iPhone my main driver for the same reasons you mentioned and others.. but, as said, I am willing to try other brands now whereas before I wouldn't as Samsung devices Met my needs... I do t feel so strongly now about Samsung and what I want from a phone.

Totally not gonna get rid of my S20U as that's a beast of a phone and the best I've ever had.. but let's see what my dabble into Apple will offer.
I was also a blackberry fan (used to have all non physical keyboard phones since the S10) if there would ever be a new blackberry I would probably return to them.
Even without mentioning it blackberry phones were rugged phones. After the Blackberry Motion switched to the Galaxy xCover Pro, still miss the blackberry layout of the keyboard (swipe left for numerical keyboard, if there is nothing left of the cursor the backspace becomes a del key as the main missing parts, and the many more suggestions) hoped I could install the blackberry keyboard on my galaxy device.
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I liked Blackberry's KB too and have usually stuck with a chipset manufacturer rather than a brand depending on what is in stock for my budget rather than who the phone is made by. The simple reason, I prefer Qualcomm Snapdragon having had a bad experience with Mediatek in a Tablet and also I like Stock Android as opposed to heavily customised UI (which One UI borderline is actually). My last phones have been Motorola but now I have a Nokia G50 which while it's not the best in class or a flagship, it's very robust and extremely well made. I use my phones primarily for work so I don't care about the camera since I have a digital SLR too. The G50 has all the features being removed by most manufacturers still too like the headphone socket and MicroSD card. The one thing that took a while to get my head around was the camera tear drop in the middle of the screen top. The size of the phone is more phablet too but it is still comfortable to hold. In Android 13 another key advantage will be lost by default in the Android ecosystem, the ability to side load apps will be relegated to developer options.
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Hi @Moyah8 Obviously your decision and will be interested in seeing how it goes. However do not totally follow your logic . If the Headphone and Micro SD cards are the priority and you are happy with the Android system another Brand would likely have suited you better. Samsung still have these on Mid range Devices but obviously they may not be the best for your needs. Personally think other factors like display,speed and functionality are more important. SD cards are not the fastest technology but still understand their appeal.

Personally whilst I had a few iphones in the past have got hooked on the Android system and welcome the customisation.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

An update on my switch.

My iphone 13 256gb one git lost in the post and I'd to wait a bit before they confirmed it lost and I was able to place a new order. By this time the 256GB was out of stock and I ended up getting the 128GB version.

The first thing that hit me with the phone was the size! Coming from a S20U at 6.9 inches to a iphone 13 at 6.1 inches was a huge issue for me and one that I seemed to have overlooked when I was making the purchase as had I known, I would have gotten the pro max .. that is 6.7 inches, still smaller than the S20U but it would have done the job better. So, I pushed on...

Anyways, so I carried on with the switch over and used the app that ios has to move from Android. Sadly this did not move all my sms messages and none of my WhatsApp messages. This wasn't too mad, as I thought it's a different platform, so loosing some data is somewhat inevitable. So, I pushed on...

However, the massive issue I was not happy with was the lack of push email for Gmail. I heavily rely on having instant emails and the best iphone could offer for Gmail was a 15 minute fetch interval. This was not ideal for me.. but, I still pushed on.

The other issue I then came to find is that the phone vibrated for each and every single enabled notification. Even after turning off the vibration for that particular app, the vibration still happened. The app in question was WhatsApp.

I also found out that I couldn't use my curve card as its a Samsung plus card and I'd need to cancel that and then creat a new one for ios.

Ok..... it started to add up now, and I started to miss my android experience.. so after 5 days I returned the phone and went back to my S20U.

My phone contract is due for an upgrade in May 2023 and I'm 90% certain that I'm going to get a big iphone as the issues that I addressed I'm confident would have been resolved by then... unlike Samsung who as stead fast on removing features from their devices.

That's been my experience
Another update on this... I've ditched and sold my s20U, and now rocking a iphone 13 Pro Max.

I've always chosen a phone based on what works for me and my needs. Sadly I strayed from that belief and was loyal to Samsung. BUT, as its known Samsung direction is not inline with my views of what I want from a phone. They now basically have no unique trait for me to want to have them.

Now selling off all my Samsung stock. S21 Plus as used for work, will be gone soon and so too this tab S7.

Bye Samsung