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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

(Topic created on: 25/10/18 21:00)
Superuser I
Superuser I
Samsung Lounge

Thought I would start this thread on AI,  there is an upcoming Microsoft Event Future Decoded which will explore some of the fields and interesting questions arsing -31 October to 1 November which will be streamed live if interested  in any of it  More details here  Information from the 2017 event also available, also short video Decoded 2017 Highlights


I'll also include work Samsung has been doing in this area  with some details from the AI forum in September


With regard to the latest recent  developments would say areas that have most caught my attention are Virtual Agents,   Automated Hardware, Optimised  Hardware, Biometrics (which can creat emore natural interactions between touch, speech  and body reactions)  Robotic processes,  Digital Twin Modelling, Cyber Defences, Empowering Workers (despite risks in some area of undoubted benefit in medical and legal circles). Undoubtably potential benefits which will assist us all in daily life.  some more detail Much scope with  Content Creation (for instance one tool Wibbitz can quickly create content from written documentation).   Emotion Recognition is certainly an interesting concept  which can have application in the entertainment and business arenas. We are all familiar with voice recognition but continually advancing.   Detail of 14 applications, some will be more familiar than others.

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