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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Thought I would start this thread on AI,  there is an upcoming Microsoft Event Future Decoded which will explore some of the fields and interesting questions arsing -31 October to 1 November which will be streamed live if interested  in any of it  More details here  Information from the 2017 event also available, also short video Decoded 2017 Highlights


I'll also include work Samsung has been doing in this area  with some details from the AI forum in September


With regard to the latest recent  developments would say areas that have most caught my attention are Virtual Agents,   Automated Hardware, Optimised  Hardware, Biometrics (which can creat emore natural interactions between touch, speech  and body reactions)  Robotic processes,  Digital Twin Modelling, Cyber Defences, Empowering Workers (despite risks in some area of undoubted benefit in medical and legal circles). Undoubtably potential benefits which will assist us all in daily life.  some more detail Much scope with  Content Creation (for instance one tool Wibbitz can quickly create content from written documentation).   Emotion Recognition is certainly an interesting concept  which can have application in the entertainment and business arenas. We are all familiar with voice recognition but continually advancing.   Detail of 14 applications, some will be more familiar than others.

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More on this later but with the conference underway  a few links to  give some  more info on this year's event, "The Cloud" and the sheer amount of Data  driving the process featuring  in  the presentations and Microsoft claims  their Azure Cloud way ahead of AWS and Google.  Some estimates that AI has the potential to add up to £230 Billion to the economy  and it is important not to be left behind,currently 51% of leaders do not have an AI strategy and 37%  not  even considering it at the monent.


News also on a new AI Academy     




A few of the slides on Azure just to give you a feel of it  without going too much into the technical side(not that I know a great deal about it myself)  but may be interrested in finding out a bit more.  Anyone work with cloud based systems? 


Basically Azure allows users to host software  in the cloud so that they do not have to buy  and manage servers. Advantage is that you only pay for resources your application actually uses.   Anyway speaker said impossible to be expert in all aspects, what is important is to know the fundamentals and learn to navigate Microsoft Docs.




Here is an overview of the Day's events, some of highlights were the speech on Tech trends by Microsoft  CTO Michael Wignall , AI will soon  be so commonplace and empower us, the idea is that we can so creative and  not need to do many mundane tasks. Earlier focus on the Microsoft Surface Pen wiith its Time Saving elements and benefits bound to grow in future with variety of technology.   Whilst there may be fears of replacement new opportunities will be created, employees may well need to continually retrain.  Obviously the benefits in medical research a big feature and great speech by  Scientist/Broadcaster, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock about dreaming big and in many ways using Technology to help others.  Interesting  to hear Michael Caine on the perspective of the Entertainment industry .


Ethiics touched upon  which centers around Data/People and consumers need to clear of the purposes for collecting and sharing, transparancy is important. However a consensus not always easy to achieve, survey on ethical decisions regarding Driverless Car Technology got a bit of attention lately.  Bit of detail on this here




The presentation on AI in practical terms now available,Thought would include this one, found it interesting    


The 2nd day's proceedings included a bit of a trip down memory lane with a bit of the Microsoft history, possible cringe alert :face-with-tears-of-joy:     For those who don't mind Bob


Windows 1.0Windows 1.0Windows 3.0Windows 3.0Bill's Gates  old DeskBill's Gates old DeskFirst Broadband StreetFirst Broadband StreetWindows 95Windows 95Windows BobWindows BobWindows XP Experience)Windows XP Experience)X Box Party 2005X Box Party 2005


The Microsoft CEO today focused on the three A's:  AI, Azure, Accessibility .  Satya Nadella also made a big play on a P  word   claiming  "Privacy Is a Human Right", in today's environment though make of that what you will.  A good summary in this article .


In terms of services and customer engagement AI will play a much bigger role in the future and imperative that the infrastructure is in place to meet demand.  As one example  Microsoft working with Wiltshire council to improve efficiency and satisfaction  with the use of Digital services and use of Bots, also  advising on managing change.









Some other highlights, on accessibility  Jenny Lay-Flurrie  give a talk  stresssing the benefits of inclusion are wide ranging leading to better products and helps earn the trust of consumers. Microsoft has  features built into Powerpoint such as Translatorand Windows has a tool to help with Colour Blindness, some ideas such as the X Box Adaptive Controller have come from their Hackathon Programme where any employee can have an input and not just techies.      A few speakers have talked of the technology breaking down barriers and one app which can be transforming is Seeing AI


Matthew Syed (former table Tennis Champ,  journalist, author,consultant) )  released  Black Box Thinking in 2015  focusing on how to make marginal gains and learn from mistakes,feels psychology at times holds us back.  In his talk which closed this year's event he spoke about home some health care professionals have the wrong mindset , there is a need to continually learn and improve in all walks of life. He noted Microsoft have a growth mindset and recognised the need to change from  know it all to learn it all.


Some more details on today's  programme here Future Decoded-Day 2


Slides for the Expo sessions available here  (some still to become available)



Just a few articles I've come across which I'll also include here, some focus on the ethics. 



At the Samsung Developer's conference opportunities a few chances to  win a Smart Watch and would say one of the winners earned it by correctly naming John McCarthy as the inventor of the phrase AI.


John McCarthy is considered to be the architech of AI and coined the phrase in 1958, which he would describe as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. He also created LISP the standard computing language which would later be used in a variety of internet services such as detecting credit card fraud.  McCarthy worked on the very early versions of the self Driving Car which we hear so much about today. Another advanced technique he developed was an early version of networking and his observation that “computation may someday be organized as a public utility can be seen as the concept of "cloud computing" so prevalent today.


See more details here   Architech of AI


Will also include this information in this section   as  some technical details, general resume on TV/Smart phone threads.


Samsung Electronics  announced powerful new developer tools for its Bixby and SmartThings platforms, as well as new, powerful mobile experiences with One UI and Infinity Flex Display. To make connected living a reality, Samsung is facilitating  developers and partners to quickly build, launch and scale new experiences to millions of devices .

  Connected living  is the buzzword  and the progress made enables third party devices and services to be effectively integrated to AI and IOT.  The foldable mobile displays enables Samsung to create new enriched experiences for customers and the innovation will be enhanced by working with developers.


Gaming is also a big part of the future and on the 2nd day and the Electronics power announced that Galaxy Game Dev will be expanded with more cuting edge tools to take the technology to the next level and also greatly enhance mobile Gaming with the Vulkan Application programming.  Digital ink is making bounds forward and  Remote SDK  can now be integrated with apps and coding will not be so involved. Wakom introduced their ink layer language (WILL) and  and Note 9 users will be able to transform their drawings into 3D and the technology AI ready and thus the journey for personal digital experiences gathers pace.




More details here: Samsung Roadmap/Developer Platform    New gaming/ Digital Ink Developments



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