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Dynamic lock screen


Does the motion effects work for anyone in the dynamic lock screen? They always work on the default lock screen wallpapers and they worked once for the dynamic lock screen in the second or third beta but after that they haven't worked at all.

For me it works I think since 2 betas ago or so, now I'm sayin that before I download beta 6.
God's beed now!

My mistake, it probably wasn't in the Dynamic screen section as I used the pre loaded multi packs for a few days and it did work in them.

Is definitely doesn't work now after beta 6 in Dynamic wallpapers.

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hey @Eyob99 


The information I got from the development team is that Motion effect has been disabled, to allow future higher priority functions while updating wallpaper settings layout.

Of course, if there is a huge support to bring that option back, then htey will consider it :smiling-face:

@TomaszT okay thanks