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Whatsapp notification issue

(Topic created on: 09-09-2022 09:38 AM)
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Earlier this week Spotify stopped showing up on my lock screen to pause it. I went through all the settings and everything was set to show notifications, show music widgets, show music etc and none of it worked. One recommendation online was to undo current update, and since then my phone has completely messed up. 

Before whenever i had a Whatsapp message it would pop up on the lock screen with the message. Now it just vibrates and stays black. I have gone through all the settings and turned it on to show the message, but now it just shows the icon and nothing else. 

Before my audible would show in the lock screen so i could pause it. Now, even with swiping down, it won't appear despite all the settings turned on for it. 

Please don't tell me to look in my settings and see if the widgets or notifications are turned on, i have gone through all of this. Is it possible for a system restore to go back to a week ago, or anything to get my phone back to how it was? 

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As you have tried to set things up in the settings, maybe it's time to reset things :winking-face:

If you have backed up your phone before the update, you could try restoring the settings.

Another option you could try is to reset all the settings, turn off and clear the cache and then update the settings on phone restart.

If individual apps have problems, you could also try clearing cache /restart app or uninstall/reinstall apps. If it works for one app, then it should work for other apps.



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I sometimes have a similar issue if the phone puts apps to sleep I.e the icon disappears and I don't know how to make it reappear when reenabling the app. If I can't get round it I usually go to apps in settings, uninstall the offending app then download it again from the app store and reinstall it. This usually does the trick. Hope this helps