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Samsung warranty repairs whilst there is also a cracked screen




I bought both of my kids a Galaxy S8 around 8 months ago.   Unfortunately my daughter dropped her phone a month ago, and has cracked the screen (in a minor way).    Now she is reporting the charger port has recently started playing up and only charging occasionally.  I think these two issues are unrelated and the charger port issue is NOT a consequence from the drop of the phone. 


My question is whether at an authorised Samsung repair centre,   they will progress a warranty repair whilst there is a cracked screen ?   I do not want to pay ~£200 for the repair of the screen and at the moment the phone is still very usable as it is.   However the charger port is causing problems and this definately needs to be looked at.   I would like the service centre to fix the warranty item, but not charge me for the screen to be replaced.  Will they do this ? 


I would be happy to receive a quote from Samsung repair to the costs of the screen replacement at the same time, but with this likely being over half the cost of the phone itself, the price is too much.  


Any advice or comments in this would be appreciated. 


Kind Regards





Hi @smiley. Sorry to hear this has happened but any physical damage voids the warranty and results in a chargeable repair. A quote can only be issued by an engineer once a full inspection has taken place. Have you tried a different cable with the phone? 

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