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Photos lost during file transfer to laptop! Please help!

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
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Hi All.

I was transferring photos & videos from my Samsung F62 internal storage to my laptop (using USB cable) by selecting the folder with a 'Cut-Paste' command (Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V). A window popped up calculating the time it would take to finish the process, but shortly it closed & everything froze on my laptop screen. So I disconnected my phone from the laptop and reconnected but my photos were gone from the phone and the folder in my laptop was empty as well. The folder I transferred from my phone was about 15 GB in size. I checked Recycle Bin in both my phone as well as laptop and also checked hidden files, but the photos are not there. I tried DiskDigger app & Samsung Data Recovery app but they did not find these files that I lost.

I don't have any of these photos backed up on any cloud based services. Is there any way I could recover my lost photos? #SamsungF62 #Lostphotos

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There are a couple of things to remember for the future.

1. Never cut and paste copy and paste as this will ensure your photos are still on the device after transfer and when transfer is to your Satisfaction, then delete them manually.

2. If copying and pasting do them is bits as copying large whole folders can cause issues like yours if the systems are not powerful enough to handle the transfers.

3. Cloud storage like Google One are cheap and an investment well made.

Only thing I can think of is try a simple phone restart.

Check your files app on your phone and see if you can find d any photos there maybe the dcim folder or any other temp folder and or even the recycle bin.

Check the same on your computer.

Best of luck.

PS. Google photos normally does have a free 15gb allowance so check Google photos as well.

Happy days.