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New mobile suggestion

(Topic created on: 11-10-2022 07:25 PM)
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I'm looking to get an upgrade from the A10 that's served it's purpose...i do not want a new top of range mobile as its too expensive.  Whats everyone's suggestions to look out for and do you all buy directly from your phone network provider..or is there a sneaky way of buying cheaper elsewhere?
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HII @yosimishu  I would suggest the A33 or A53, whilst  I am using  more premium devices know a few who are happy with the recent A ranges.  See my earlier thread here 

Some information also in this article 


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Hi @yosimishu 

There are lots of choices out there for mid range phone's.

I'd suggest to have a look at Samsungs Online Shop Site to get an idea on what's available, and make a shortlist of phone's that interest you, and then look to YouTube to look at reviews and impressions on the phone's.

And then pop into a Samsung Experience Store, and or a Network Store to have hands on with the phone's to make sure they interest you aesthetically too as well as trying out it's different functions and features.

Look at internal storage capacities and choose the highest that suits your disposable income.

And also look at the amount of Ram it has.

Look at options such as Sd card and 3.5mm headphone jack if they are important to you.

Battery capacity and camera specs.

This all helps to future proof your purchase.

In regards on where to get the phone look at what promotions / cost Samsung are selling the phone's for.

If your on a Network Pay Monthly Contract then look at what stage your at in that contract. If your close to the end of the term then you'll be in a better place to negotiate a deal with the Network's retention department.

Some independents like Carphone Warehouse Uk can give sweeter deals sometimes than the network.

But these are sometimes on new contracts = new mobile number.

There are ways to get your own number onto a new contract which I can explain further if that's an option your interested in @yosimishu 

There are also Highstreet Stores that buy and sell used / unwanted upgrades that have been sold to them. Only buy from reputable shops.

Buying this way can help to keep the initial outlay low.

I wouldn't recommend to use places like ebay.

My advice and suggestions are UK based so maybe different if your in another region.

Above all take your time and enjoy the journey  ️ 

Would you let us know how you get on 👍

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 


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