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Missing update, wrong region, awful support

(Topic created on: 05/04/19 15:46)
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I have faced an unpleasant situation with Samsung and see no potential solution for this. 

My Samsung account is from Latvia, however, I live now in Gibraltar and purchased the phone here, whilst still using my Latvian SIM. Per available information, Samsung has finished rolling out the Pie + One UI update across Europe, but I still have not got it.


I tried to contact support via Samsung Members app (Latvian), but they cannot help me as the IMEI belongs to Italy for my surprise (I purchased it in Gibraltar) and they told me to contact Italy's support. In the first conversation I was told to use Smart Switch on PC and this will surely offer me the update - it did not. Just talked to them again, and they confirmed that the IMEI belongs to TIM Italy and Android 9 is available. However, due to being no connection between Samsung Account's country and phone's IMEI region, it is unable to connect to servers and get the updates. (Although I find this hard to believe, as one should not be obliged to purchase phones in Account's country for the rest of their life) And they told me to contact Samsung Latvia and ask them to change my accounts country to Italy to get the updates. 


Just had a chat with Samsung Latvia support and they told me that the country cannot be changed, there is no such option. The only option is to open a new account for Italy (Not interested in doing that, due to backups etc.). They cannot provide any information or help as the phone does not belong to Baltics region, I should talk to Italian support and refused to continue any conversation. 


Could someone suggest please how should I proceed to sort this out? Get the update somehow, etc.? Or should I go to merchant and ask help as the phone was bought there? Unfortunately the two supports I have been in touch with and are awful, just pointing fingers at each other. Been with Samsung for a long time, but this is playing on my nerves right now. 





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I have the exactly same problem. My S9+ comes from Italy and it won't update to Android 10 here in the Czech Republic. This is a very bad service - awful. You buy Samsung - an expensive device and cannot upgrade for reason this simple? 


Dear SAMSUNG ... it is the year 2020 and people move around the world and travel !!!!