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Xcover6 Pro - Region Lock questions

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)

Hi all,

First of all, I am new to this community, so I am sorry in advance if my technical skills are limited.

I had been an iPhone user for several years now and I just had it due to Apple's limitation on certain things that was limiting my daily work usage.

So, I decided to purchase the Xcover6 Pro from Europe and so far, this phone is amazing. I know it's not all that great in specs, but I normally do emails, and browse the internet. That is all. I use it mainly for work related tasks.

I have a few questions:

1. Since I purchased the phone here in Europe, the phone is intended to be used here in Europe which I am aware. I made two 10-minute calls from my country's SIM card from each SIM slot (SIM-1 and SIM-2) because the salesclerk told me that I need to make these calls from each SIM slots. I did not know this until the salesclerk told me this. Is this true or not?  Would just ONE SIM slot for making the 10-minute calls would have been enough in order to Region UNLOCK the phone? 

2. The salesclerk then told me that after making these 5-10 minute calls in order to Region UNLOCK the phone, he told me that the phone should work in the USA. I have T-Mobile here in Europe. Will it work on the T-Mobile in the USA if I get a physical SIM card?

3. I know that most US carriers are going to be switching over to eSIM, which this phone does not support or have. 

The XCover6 Pro Model Number is SM-G736BZKDEEE  -  (Phone is Carrier UNLOCKED)

In any case, I still have the iPhone as a backup in case there is no way to use this phone outside from the European region.

Any responses or suggestions are greatly appreciated. 






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Hello @AV24 

If the phone is region locked then yes a short phone call from the sims will then remove the lock so other sims in other regions can be used. 

It wouldn't harm to initiate calls from both sim imei slots 🤔

However mostly nowadays a region lock isn't applied by Samsung. 

For example I imported a Samsung Nore²⁰ from HongKong and that phone was not region locked. 

Some functions may not work such as Samsung Wallet and the Benefits Section in the Samsung Members App might be blank. 

To see if the phone will work on the alternative regions networks it wouldn't harm to check both the phone's frequencies and Bands and the intended networks frequencies and Bands too. 

Look at for the phone's Bands and Frequencies information. 

I hope that helps. 

If i can be of any further help please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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Thanks for reply.

I looked at the Bands and Frequencies on GSMArena, but I have no clue what they mean at all. 

And strangely enough, when looking at the original box, I do not see any sticker saying European SIM Card Only.

Could it be that Samsung has dropped the Region Lock on some of their phones?