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Lost photos after moving to SD

(Topic created on: 16-06-2020 09:05 AM)

I tried to free up some space on my Samsung A7 by using the file manager to move the photos from internal storage to micro SD card. This appeared to be successful at the time but I've since discovered that my photos are no longer visible in the gallery (showing blank grey with !).

Now if I even try to view the photos via the file manager to the SD card, they are all blank (showing blank grey with !).

How can I recover the pictures?

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Anonymous User
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@NR3 wrote:

Ok thanks for the advice and checking. I'm not sure if I have the adapter, or which it would be, as I don't tend to use them. 

Out of interest, did I do anything wrong with trying to transfer in that way or should the process usually be reliable? Would you recommend saving on a card or interal storage as the safest option for future? 

I do backup to google photos, but they are low res, so will need to increase the frequency of backups to an external hard drive. 

Well you can take the pics missing from google photos there is the only thing left to do.

I would advise you to buy an sd card and keep the picture there,that is what i do too. And do NOT encrypt it.

In case something happens to the phone or the logic board breaks what is on there is lost forever, what is on the sd card is not goimg to be lost.

Sd card can fail too as you experienced, the best thing to do is to back up data on an ssd or hdd to have a safe copy.

If you want a new sd card buy a new kingston csrd (the newer versions) or a samsung evo.

Buy it from a reputable seller with whon it is easy to do a return. After it arrives if you will you can send me the pic here of the card and adapter to check if it is not fake so you can use itnwithout worries, in fact even if you buy from a reputable seller they are a lot of times scammed and given fake sd cards without them knowing it.

Let me know

Thanks very much for your help
Chathu de silva
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Please help me. Last night i moved all my photos into my micro sd card. So that,when i got up today morning.. all the photos have been corrupted. There is an exclamation mark on each and every photo in my gallery. Please help me how to recover this. Pleasee..


Hi dude.. i just wanna know update due to ur case above.. can we recover it? Because i experience the same problem.. i have download android app file recovery but not all my missing photos were found.. i tried dr.fone to scan my int storage but negative result. Please help