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How long does a Samsung Account keep a Signin Block on it?

(Topic created on: 20-10-2019 02:39 PM)
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So I am in a bit of a pickle.     Yesterday I turned on my old S6 so a friend could use it for using a website via the wifi.   The "Login to Samsung" notification kept coming up, so I logged in with no further issues on the S6.     However a couple of hours later, I started getting the notifications on my S8.   I logged in, started getting the Processing Failure with each attempt to login,  even if I changed the password.      I know that there are other threads about this issue, however, I have two questions that are more linked to what happened when I was trying to fix the issue. 


1).  I attempted to log in too often, and my normal Samsung account ended up with a Sign in Block!  There isn't a message saying how long this lasts, and I am unable to login either on my Phone or on my PC,  so my first question is, how long does this last?  Is it possible to have it removed?  So I can remove some of my older phones from the account in hopes of it resolving the issue. 


2). What happens if I login to a 2nd Samsung Account on my phone.  (A made a new one just so I could post this, as the Samsung Service Person on Facebook couldn't answer any of my questions without sending me here, where I couldn't login because of the Singin Block). 





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Hello @mrDigitalis 


Please open this link on a web browser using your Samsung account:

You will be asked to continue to the next page. Some terms and conditions will appear requesting you to accept or decline.
Once this Ts & Cs have been accepted, sign in back to your device/s and the difficulty should be sorted.


Thanks ☺

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