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Galaxy S6 won't boot

(Topic created on: 01-10-2021 10:48 AM)
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Hello all, I am in need of help with my autistic sons old S6. He was watching a video and his phone just suddenly turned off. It had some battery life left, so he tried to turn it back on holding down the power button. He then held down some other buttons to try to turn it on, but nothing worked. I plugged it in to my charger to see if it was dead, the battery icon displayed, but no charge was showing. I left it for a while and it just got hot so I unplugged it. Tried turning it on again....nothing. I had a Google around and found how to soft reset it, so I tried. All we get is the first screen with Samsung galaxy s6 and android words. It goes no further. After many attempts at the soft reset, we looked at a hard reset. He doesn't really want that as it will wipe his phone, but we tried anyway. Nothing still. Just the same black Samsung s6 android screen. It will display that screen until the battery dies. I have looked further into this and found I can get to the download custom OS screen, and need to download Odin? Is that correct? I have tried to find the download from Samsung website, but it doesn't know the model number. His only says SM-G920F, but apparently there should be more letters after? We have no more. If anyone could help us get this phone back up and running we would be very grateful. His phone means a lot to him. Thanks

Hi @Celestex74, I'm sorry to hear about your son's phone. It does sound like an inspection will be required to determine what actions to take to get this sorted. You can arrange this with any one of our Approved Support Centres. The closest ones can be found here: