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Android 11 missing features

(Topic created on: 02-04-2021 05:28 AM)
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I have a Samsung M30s and got the Android 11 update recently. I read up about the newest features and checked my phone after the update. Few of the features are missing in my phone and I don't know why. A few days ago, my friend's A40 was also updated. Her phone had all the features, yet my phone didn't. Two of the main features that I noticed missing were the built-in screen recorder and the power menu. 

I even checked the notification bar settings to see if I hadn't added the screen recorder option, but the button itself is missing. And when I hold the power key, there are no available settings for the side key. I also noticed that in the edge panel, she has the default option to add a clipboard to the panels, yet I don't have this option.

I'm unable to understand why all these features are missing from my phone despite the update. A quick reply would be appreciated.

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Sometimes features are defined by region and who supplied the phone @Sara8 

Phone's supplied by networks can have different flavour of software on them and they can ask Samsung to not include features that they think can clash with their Network's services etc.

So are you both on the same network or were both Phone's supplied directly by Samsung  ?

Check in your software update section and look at what the last successful update was and see if that is identical to your friends.

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