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System update made me unable to send or receive texts and calls (Aug 2020)

(Topic created on: 09-08-2020 05:51 AM)
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Summary: Today is 8 Aug 2020. A couple of days ago, I installed a system update on my Samsung Galaxy A10e, which I have owned for a year or two. Immediately after installing the update, I became unable to send or receive text messages and phone calls.


More details about the issue: When I try to send a text message, I get an error reading "Currently unable to send your message. It will be sent when the service becomes available." When I try to make a phone call, I get an error message reading "Mobile network not available." When I use another device to call my phone or send it a text, it doesn't react at all (the text/call is not received and there is no error message).


Could it be the SIM card? I've contacted my service provider, and they ran through all the troubleshooting techniques they had, to no avail. Also, when I swapped the SIM card in this phone with the SIM card in another phone, the other phone could use my SIM card to send and receive calls and texts, but my phone failed to use the foreign SIM card to do the same. Thus, I suspect something besides the SIM card is at fault.


What I've tried: I've tried most of the suggestions found on this page: :

  • Verify that your area has a good network signal: The other phone could send and receive texts and calls, so this isn't the issue.
  • Perform a soft reset: Did not fix the issue.
  • Check your SIM card: see reasoning above.
  • Clear the cache and data of your messaging app: Clearing the cache didn't work, and I'd rather not clear the data except as a last resort, because, I assume, that will delete all my conversation histories.
  • Check if the problem continues in safe mode: It does.
  • Reset the network settings: Did not fix the issue.
  • Wipe the cache partition of your phone: Did not fix the issue.
  • Perform a factory reset: I didn't try this one, as I'd rather not use it except as a last resort.

More details: When I open Settings, go to "About phone", then "Status", and finally "SIM card status", I see some possibly-relevant information:

  • Network: Verizon Wireless
  • Mobile network state: Unknown
  • Service state: Out of service
  • IMS registration status: Not registered
  • Signal strength: -113 dBm 0 asu
  • Mobile voice network type: LTE
  • Mobile data network type: LTE
  • Roaming: Not roaming

The three bolded items seems like they might be important. Also, I'm confused by the "Not roaming" item, since when I go to "Settings" > "'Connections" > "Mobile networks", I see that I have "Data roaming" turned on.


More additional details: I'm pretty sure the update that caused this issue was "System Update 4", made available on 30 June 2020, as described on this page: I remember delaying the installation of the update a few times, which explains why I only installed it a few days ago (but I feel like I only delayed it for maybe a week, which doesn't quite line up, so maybe I'm wrong about which update it is). However, I see that System Update 4 is described as introducing "Focus Mode", which I didn't have before the update and which I do have now, which suggests that I'm right about this one being the culprit after all.


What else can I try to fix the issue?

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Visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for a diagnostic @Cobbleblox would be my course of action.


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Same here, delayed upgrade on NOTE 9, right after it "NO SIM".

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I have same issue . We have 2 A20's and they were both updated and now when u call -no mobile network . Texts fail. People call and its not coming thru. I almost hate to update.


TL;DR: Solution in my case was to replace the sim card.

Both for me and my wife the sim cards got corrupted after the samsung upgrade (for me right away, for my wife the corruption happened somewhat later). We both have samsungs (different models though).

Tried soft/hard reset on my phone, did not help. Tried the sim cards in various other phones from friends (not only samsung, not locked), did not help either.