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Super fast charging not working in OneUI 4.1

(Topic created on: 19-08-2022 02:29 PM)
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My #Samsung galaxy S20plus to Android 12 or one ui 4.0 my phone was getting charged within 60 mins. And now my phone needs more than 3-4hour for charging and getting discharged quickly.  No problem with battery as it started araising after update. even if it is having 40%-50% charge after the update of One UI 4.0 and after that 4.1 update came was happy while seeing the update that the issue will be sorted out! But nothing changed still facing the issue! Contacted customer support they came with all the basic troubleshooting steps. Which is already done and of no use

*Run all the diagnostic steps and reported it.

*charged in safe mode

*cleared all cache and cokies 

*tryed discharging completely and charging from 0% both in poweroff and power on and safe mode.

*Checked charger and cable and also different power sockets.

*reported in samsung members. 

* it's been 1 and half month I haven't seen the superfast charging option!

And also while charging it is showing cable charging usually it was showing super fast charging. 

I need this to be fixed.

I am using the company charging adapter and cable which I got with the box. And they are working perfectly. So don't come up with saying any cable issues and adapter issues

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Take the phone to a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store or arrange to send the phone to Samsung to be assessed @Sim02 

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