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Second Screen Issues for Months if not Years

(Topic created on: 20-06-2024 02:30 PM)
First Poster

Second Screen is still highly awful on my Galaxy-Tab-S7-Fe + Win10 Laptop:

One UI 6.1,   Android 14

  1. Both devices are right beside eachother with nothing in between them 20cm min, 70cm max.
  2. Framerate/Latency is awful on my Tab-S7-Fe when i use it.
  3. Every first time i connect the device with my laptop the Tablet screen has some kind of white screen tearing where everything displayed will look weird.
  4. The option to enable game mode which should increase Framerate/ Latency vanished after an update.
  5. Changing the Display Resolution in Windows10 doesnt do anything which is weird because the transfered data could be cut in half this way.


a) I know that you can increase framerate by disabling WIFI first and then connect quickly so that the Tablet wont have access to the internet when using it as a second screen.

b) I also know you can install third party software to do this.

c) Samsung Dex is currently underdeveloped so i wont bother using it for university


  1. Are there any news on improving this?
  2. Why is this great feature so ignored and even made worse while we get new customisation for unimportant colors every month!?
  3. Why cant i just use an USB-C to USB-C or HDMI to USB-C cable to connect the devices with eachother!? It would literally save battery AND be super easy with plug & play.
  4. Does the Samsung Support even do anything besides just respond with "Were Happy to hear from you and forwarded this to blablabla..."!?


  • When does Samsung use a plattform for Bugs/Improvements where the Customer can:
    1. Vote for whats important and should be worked on right now (1-5 Level of Importance).
    2. See the curent approach & progress on this issue.
    3. And help with doing higly detailed Suggestions for implementation that can be complemented by the next user with their ideas so that the Samsung Staff can just use the Thread in the next meeting. Then when they start working on the thread they could add their information so that we can see whats happening.
    4. Like Github...