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Samsung repair store

(Topic created on: 07-08-2021 08:09 AM)
My granddaughter managed to smash her screen on her s20 and like most 15 year olds can't live a minute with out it the phone was still working perfectly so rather than send it away I phoned the samsung repair centre in glasgow Saint Enoch centre and booked it in to get new screen fitted and was told it would take 3 hours so left home 7.30 in morning to travel the 100 miles to Glasgow put phone in was told they would keep me updated via messenger or phone after 3 hours phoned them was told another hour phoned again and was told yet another hour after 5 hours went back to store to be told they had to send it away asked for phone back was told they couldn't give me it back asked to speak to manager was told he was off so got home 8.30 to very upset granddaughter phoned samsung support girl very helpful found out store never had the parts to repair phone and had to order them and manager would phone me to discuss complaint when he had time still waiting and still waiting for return of phone on the plus side they said I don't have to travel the 100 miles to get it they will post it out 😡😡

Sorry but this is for community support, not official support. Try to reach out to Samsung support.

Please start using punctuation and autocorrection; the text is really hard to read.👍

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I totally understand and appreciate you feel disappointed that the phone wasn't repaired within the time frame given.

Unfortunately if a part isn't available at that particular Samsung Service Centre and there isn't a local Service Centre they could borrow one from then this can delay the repair.

The member of staff should really have contacted you to ask for your authorisation to send the phone away in my opinion.

I'm sure the manager will offer an apology.

I don't know about your area but just to point out Samsung also offer a Doorstep Repair Service.

I appreciate your Granddaughter is upset at not having the phone back when she expected it. These phone's keep us connected with friends and family.

Perhaps she could ask family or friends if they have a phone sitting in a drawer she could use in the interim.

It maybe beneficial to think about a good quality case and screen protector for the phone once it's been repaired.

I wish you all the best with this. 


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