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S21 plus Wifi calling and slow/dropped 5GHz wifi issues

(Topic created on: 28-03-2022 11:12 PM)
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I went from a 996u to a refurb 996ukzv that verizon sent me to fix this issue, it fixed nothing. I have poor cell signal in my area, none in my basement. My previous phone(lg g7) did calls and txt over wifi with no problems. This phone says it is enabled but will not connect. It gives a 'not registered on a network error' when I try to call when there is no cell signal. This seems to be common but trying the 'fixes' I found did not help, I factory reset and wifi calling claims to be enabled.


The 5ghz will slow to a crawl, <1M per second and then eventually drop. I was not able to find anything about this issue. My router does not seem to be the problem, my old phone was fine, other devices on the router are fine.

At this point I am extremely frustrated and am leaning toward paying off and trading the phones for a phone from google.

thanks for any help you can give!


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I would ask Verizon to replace this refurbished phone @sj3000 

I've asked for your thread to be moved to the US boards so that you recieve more detailed responses.

I wish you all the best. 

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Hey guys! Unfortunately, we're unable to move posts to the US Community. As you have landed on the UK Community page, @sj3000, we would recommend heading over to the US Community and making a new post. You can do so here: 


Our US users will be happy to help! 🙂