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S21+: Huge slowdowns/UI freezes after upgrade to oneui 6

(Topic created on: 19-01-2024 01:06 PM)

My S21+ has been operating perfectly up until the upgrade to oneui 6. Some details first:

  • locale: Greek
  • Samsung account: not used

Specifically, even the PIN unlock screen is laggy as hell: I have to wait for the digit to appear before proceeding to type the next one. In-app scrolling is much slower, phone startup, the (custom app) phone dialer I use...

There was a hint to wipe the cache partition. While plugging a USB cable to connect to my PC, in order to enter recovery mode and wipe the cache partition, I got a message that the phone was in sleeping power management mode (?)

I did manage to enter recovery and wipe the cache partition, but the above observation got me thinking a bit. Could it be processor throttling of some sort (it would not explain the battery drains, but I have to start somewhere)? I have had adaptive battery enabled. I did notice that under "Background usage limits" (enabled on my phone) all apps were listed in the deep sleeping apps category (~25 of them), whereas no apps were listed in the "no sleeping" or, even stranger, in the "no never auto sleeping" categories!

Summarizing I have the following settings on battery:

  • power saving: off
  • adaptive battery: on
  • Background usage limits: on

Can someone who has been experiencing better performance, share his version of the following options?

  1. phone model
  2. power saving (on / off)
  3. adaptive battery (on / off)
  4. Background usage limits (on/off)
  5. which sub options are enabled (ie "Disable AOD", CPU throttling, disable 5g etc) in the "power saving" category

It would be great if someone having bad performance could post the above mentioned data as well

Extra info:

  • please do recall that I have already wiped the cache partition, I don't think it would help anyone of us in this case...
  • I don't know why I should have to create a Samsung account, in order to update the OneUI launcher as well as some other needed, by the looks of it, Samsung-related apps! I would not create yet another ad-tracking account, if not for the sake of updating something that should be included in the firmware upgrade in the first place. What is Samsung thinking *****?
  • I've also disabled both adaptive battery and power saver, no fun 😞

ive had 2 updates this month, start of month, nothing but problems, 2nd updated a couple of days ago phone working far better


Problem was solved in a most unexpected way. After the upgrade and the issue's appearance I had enabled an accessibility feature (display zoom). I didn't really like the way it operated and today, after posting this thread, I visited accessibility options to disable it.

But when I opened the accessibility page, there was a warning near the stating that the long keypress time (time needed to invoke a context action, compared to instantly pressing something/selecting it) was set to an incompatible option!!! (IIRC it was to 0,4 sec). There was a button next to the warning, that could reset the option to its default. I did so, and now no lag at all on my S21+!!!

I know it sounds crazy, but do give it a try! I'm again enjoying trouble free operation on the phone. Have no idea how it ended up there, I don't recall tinkering with stuff like that. I'm pretty lucky that I happened to stumble upon the option. :smiling-face:

Galaxy s21 plus
First Poster

Same issue on the same device... I dont know what might be the solution to my own problem but whenever i open whatsapp or get a new message from groups my device just freezes.. and this issue started immediately after I updated my galaxy s21+ to ui 6.

... please if there's anyway you can be of assistance,  I'd really appreciate 


Since my own S21+ operates just fine now, I do believe that doing a factory reset and starting over will fix this for you. Can not be 100% certain though, of course.