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S21 5G stuck in reboot loop after One UI 5.1 update

(Topic created on: 09-08-2023 01:53 AM)

I have an issue with my corporate phone (S21 5G) that might be same as other people here on forum.

New update was pushed 24th of February containing new One UI version release and after that phone is just stuck in the infinite reboot loop. Top part of the phone gets very hot and phone restarts just after couple of seconds.

I'm unable to roll back the update.

I can't backup phone to PC or migrate my data to a new phone as phone keeps crashing.

I have tried clearing cache but this didn't help.

I have tried Repair Apps option from recovery menu but it didn't help nor seems to do anything.

I have tried safe mode but phone reboots even when running in safe mode.

It's OK to enter pin code for SIM but as soon one enters pin for the phone itself and it starts working it just reboots after couple of seconds.

I was in a situation when I was able to get my phone working for a longer period of time (i think it was half a day as longest) but then same issue happens. I was unable to figure out what causing this but it feels very random.

I have no idea what is wrong as phone doesn't report any issues nor there are any logs that I can check to see why exactly reboot was done. Considering "Phone Restarted" notification I assume that this was a controlled restart and not just a crash.

I don't want to wipe it but it seems like the only possible solution. I'm extremely disappointed in how Samsung is handling this. I don't know how many people are affected but there are some of us who do. Currently i have to use my 10 y.o. button phone in hope that Samsung will fix the issue and push a new update or revert existing one so that I can keep my data and settings and don't need to reset my phone. At the same time there is no guarantee either that even after reset phone will get the same SW update and start rebooting.

Product name: Galaxy S21 5G

Phone model: SM-991B/DS

Serial number: R5CR71VZP1M

Current version: G991BXXU6EWAF/ G991BOXM6EWB4 / G991BXXU6EWAF (yes, same number twice)

Security patch level: February 1, 2023

One UI version: 5.1

Android version: 13

Kernel version: 5.4.147-25884040-abG991BXXU6EWAF #2 Mon Jan 30 19:22:03 KST 2023

Build number: TP1A.220624.014.G991BXXU6EWAF

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I have been having this problem from months now, and the reboot is happening more and more often. I have tried everything I can with no result. I am simply going to have to get another phone. It will not be a Samsung.