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S20 FE Android 12 phantom background process problem

(Topic created on: 09-01-2022 01:52 PM)


I've been using my S20 FE for two months and I was happy with it until this week my phone says android 12 update is available. Like every other normal user I happily accepted the update and after the update, everything seemed to be fine at first glance until opening termux and linux on android setup I previously installed.

Termux process consistently terminated by OS on android 12 update. As I dig more about  problem I found that a feature to prevent excessive resource usage called phantom background process  killer is causing the problem. On android dev threads i saw some commits which disables phantom process killer on android developer options but when i looked at my phone settings there is an option called feature flags but every time I disabled it and go parent menu and go back again to feature flags menu i see it enabled again.

So is there any chance or channel for me to request this patch to be pulled to next possible release for S20 FE. 


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One of the main reasons I switched to android was to use it as a Linux development machine. This update killed this functionality. 

Google has already committed a patch to android 12L that allows power users to opt out the phantom process killer feature of android 12, any way Samsung can roll out that functionality in their next update? 


Yesterday samsung released an update with description "bug fixes". When I see the update I was excited but when installed it turned out to be big disappointment, nothing changed on the "feature flags" section. Linux on android still doesn't work. 

On recent days i also noticed that on the kernel side number of file watchers is reduced so with adb command hack to bypass phantom process restriction i still can't use linux system for development purpose (I used to use my phone to develop react app with VSCode with new kernel settings npm start command throws num of file watcher limit exceeded error)

On the other hand I don't think that samsung isn't monitoring this forums to find the bugs so in near future i don't expect samsung to solve this issues.