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Every day I get updates it's driving me nuts

(Topic created on: 09-11-2022 10:28 PM)

What is wrong with Samsung and Android that every single day since I've owned this phone(except for one day, I've had the phone about a week) I get updates.


Updates for Google play store.


Updates for Samsung galaxy store. 


Updates for Google services.


Updates for random Samsung apps I'll never use or don't even know what they are.

Updates for YouTube and Google apps.

Updates for EVERYTHING you can think of and more, every day. 


I've used almost 10gb of data on "updates" in the last week!!!!

This phone is driving me crazy and I regret purchasing it. This is just madness honestly. 

What makes it worse is this phone uses so much battery while I'm asleep and then STILL waits for me to use it when I wake up to install a dozen updates. At least do it while I'm not using the phone!! It's like Samsung thinks I'm impressed and wants me to see all the updates. No it's not impressive it makes me think I bought junk.


This is excessive. 

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I appreciate at first this can be irksome @Worstphoneever 

However updates are important and are pushed out by the app developers to improve stability , bug fixes and enhancements.

Other updates will be phone software updates and Security updates.

Have a look in your Playstore and Samsung Galaxy Store settings as you should be able to set to update over Wi-Fi only to save on your mobile data allowance.

Other update preferences I believe are available too.

When I first moved from iPhones to Samsung (android) I too was amazed to see the amount of updates that happen.

Now I'm accustomed to this.

I now check once a week manually for updates in the Playstore and Galaxy Store. This has cut down immensely on the amount of updates pushed to my phone as I'm usually ahead of the game on this.

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I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

I agree with you, I removed notification permissions from Google Play Store app just to give it rest.

I already have 24 updates waiting for me since putting them off auto update, since writing this post less than 2 days ago.


That's insane. Most of turn are Google, Samsung, and Android. 


Why did my previous xaiomi phone never have to bother me with literally dozens of updates ever 2 days. Everything worked fine on that phone.


I bought a pair of Samsung galaxy buds+ which just arrived in mail. More junk as it turns. Can't even pair with this s21. Literally don't even show up. All Samsung advice leads nowhere so I have to return them.


To not even be able to connect their own ear buds. Apple has never looked more tempting to me. 

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Updating every two days is insane, I have A50 and S20, every now and then it tells me to update my phone, the so-called and none sense setting you guys mentioned is a freaking conflict with what it is said to be secure. If you stop notifying your updated information, you are already in trouble as your apps will not be the latest updated and not secure. 

So you definitely need to know when you need an update and you should update it.  


Well, I will never buy Samsung phones and devices in my lifetime! I had a phone iPhone, Nokia, Berrie's phones, Sony phones, and Pixel phones, the most annoying is "Samsung Phone Updates" it kills me, irritating, annoying, frustrating.

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I just bought my new Samsung S22 Ultra on Friday. I have had an update every day as well.  The past 2 days it has been a security update.  I am going to go back to the store and speak with someone.  It is insane! I have had Samsungs before and this never happened.  Something has to be wrong with the phone.  I would hate to go back to an IPHONE or Lord help me a Google phone!

The weird thing about purchasing this phone, the guy at the mobile store kept saying "if you bring the phone back, there is a re-stocking fee."  Hmmm, I think he knew......


The s22's are garbage imo. I went through 3 phones in 6 months due to a faulty battery, apps crashing, phone won't take or make calls, ect. They need to do a major recall. Also I get security updates every 30 minutes 


It's not just the phone, w the update BS I have several A7 tablets I use for Security apps Wyze Blink and Ring _ Nov update caused Wyze not to landscape, no fix on that -  but found increasing zoom (display) cured that; now The Dec - Jan update Blink will not landscape, hell the app doesn't load, just goes app shi..until I close it

So Now I have to pick and choose which tablet to run what security app.

Note: if it helps, you can install Bluestacks on your pc, it will run Android apps and games, it has playstore. You can also use multiple view one app - open multiple windows, This is great for The Security Apps Wyze Blink etc allows multiple instances of the same app one screen

Issue now, is my pc, win 11 etc will not run on my Samsung 7000 55' - I could run my apps wirelessly from pc simply by changing display, and to the set it would go, well that was last week, now it shows trying to connect on the tv's screen, but then quits, try again - My suggestion is not to run the scheduled updates, until you've done a little homework first, to see if they've gotten it right. 

I've had it w Samsung - used to be stand they're just falling down. Will not buy again for anything



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I upgraded last week from an A50 to a S21 FE, and I have been getting the same update message non-stop for the past few days right after I update. My old phone would update every few weeks, so the contrast is alarming. Plus it decided to update while I was driving using Google maps, luckly I didn't have to need my phone or directions for the minutes it shut down then updated using my data, but that was still frustrating, even more so when I saw the same update message directly after. I've had to postpone my updates just to use my phone normally. 


Hello buddy, yes there's definitely an avalanch of updates, and it does seem excessive. Regarding your automatic updates advice, mine is set for that but it doesn't work.