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Drop 'Screen On Time ' in Androids

(Topic created on: 04-07-2021 07:09 PM)
Samsung Members Star ★

So I have been an Android user for a long time and loved the idea about android in the way you can tinker with the phone and stuff and make any ordinary person feel like they know more then their counterparts ( Apple users).

The point I wanna make is that SOT usage info should be removed from all Androids as I feel its not a real indicator of battery life and I see a lot of frustration from Android users just cause the phone hasn't hit a certain SOT usage.

SOT really boils down to mostly the screen brightness used and how efficient the phone and apps used are.

I am definitely for Apps efficiency and the Phone efficiency in using battery life by developers and manufacturers. 

It's just that I feel SOT is just making a lot of people hate Androids because of the figures don't match with someone elses.

And most of the time the real life usage may not be like for like.

Do discuss what you guys think.

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Samsung Members Star ★
I only ever started looking at SOT when I got my Note 20 ultra. That was only because so many was experience bad battery life. Lucky I wasn't one of those. Only thing I wasn't happy with was the display as it had very bad green green tint. With the s21 again I started looking as others were also complaining with bad battery life. Again haven't experience any. I've got to the stage now where I don't care like I use to be. The phone gets me through the day sometimes 2 days depending on my usage. I get peoples frustration who do experience bad battery life. I don't know if it is down to a faulty phone or the apps they have installed, or there usage. I'm just lucky I haven't experienced myself. I think its good to be able to see your SOT and the apps so you know what it is draining battery.
Samsung Members Star ★
I honestly don't like the idea of removing it. I've always used SoT as an easy way for me to gauge efficiency of my devices over the years. The problem is the users interpretation of one's findings. I only really use the numbers against my own phones since I'm able to verify specific usage patterns, software use as well as settings the phone used such as resolution etc.
Samsung Members Star ★
SOT as a comparison to other's devices is flawed but for your own comparison purposes is valuable.