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Crazy Nonsense with Bluetooth connection

(Topic created on: 14-07-2021 03:59 PM)

Hi all

Can anyone help with the following Bluetooth Problem.

My phone is paired to a number of Bluetooth devices and they all work fine. Except for the inbuilt bluetooth in my Skoda. The phone connects to the Bluetooth of the car just fine, and I can play music via A2DP. With a bit of fiddling I can also make calls as you will see.

But what is happening is that when in the car and I receive or make a call, on the car kit, the phone tries to trigger the voice element on my smart watch and not the car kit.

Lets look at the setup of the two main devices


S21+ CrazyBTSystem01.jpg


As you can see from the image above, the Skoda carkit is enabled for calls, and the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is not enabled for calls.

In the next image we can see what happens when I try to call by voicemail from the car kit.

S21+ CrazyBTSystem02.jpg

The image of the phone shows the connected call is trying to connect to the smart watch - (small yellow box on the left). since the watch is not enabled for calls, the call is only taking place on the handset itself.

Now if I click the watch in the small yellow box, I get a pop up asking me to choose from 2 devices.

If I select the Skoda BT 3904 then as can be seen from the rightmost image the Skoda kit is selected and it is "green" active - so the call is now taking place on the car kit.

Interesting to note that if I select Huawei Watch GT 2Pro in the middle image, the call does take place on my SmartWatch.


First and foremost, I never had this behaviour with my previous device, a OnePlus 6T, that was bulletproof with it's Bluetooth implementation.


Clearly the SG 21+ is not working as it should be - is there a way to specify the default bluetooth device for calls because the current situation is basically unworkable for me and I might as well send the new handset back to the carrier.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



Sadly this fix does not work on watches that didnt exist yet on that Huawei app version. Non existant support from Huawei... Want to go back to samsung watches.