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The Introduce Yourself Thread [Link]


Hi all! :smiling-face::smiling-face-with-sunglasses:


Feel free to say "Hi!" to your fellow Community members in The Introduce Yourself Thread:heavy-black-heart:

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Hi all newbie here whats happening

Hi @Carole5. Welcome to the Community! Please feel free to introduce yourself



Hi all! I'm Missm. a long time happy Samsung owber:


I've been a student and now graduated. I love art and I love design. My latest object of desire I are modern electronic devices this is where I spent most of my time...  and which is how I ended up here.


My hobbies include reading, writing, art, craftwork and visual design..


I'm a Fantasy, or so I've recovered within the last year and a half. My interest now include sci-fi, comic book, and Saturday-morning cartoon geek. Love stuff like Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, Babylon 5. Big fan of Transformers - the original '80s Generation 1 stuff rather than Bayformers.


(LOL. My plans now I'm a member the Samsung community is to have many conversations   The very first of many virtual instant messages!🙂🥇😹👍

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Hi all I'm new to this 

Hi @Brucey73, welcome to the Community! I recommend this thread to introduce yourself! 

@Missm   Hi and welcome to the community.  Most have placed their introductions on this thread, quite a few pages now.


Feel free to  raise queries/detail experiences/give advice on Tv,mobiles,Cameras/IT in the relevant sub sections.


You can join in discussions in the lounge on interests and welcome to start new threads.

Something oddly familiar about this... :thinking-face:


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New to this someone talk

Hi @Craig-dil-1986. This thread may be of some use to you!

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